Quit Smoking – What Is Your Smoking Style?

I was recently having an early morning coffee at Mooloolaba beach. A few metres in front of where I sat was a very fit young woman, she surprised me by lighting up a cigarette.

I noticed the glances a few walkers gave her as they sped by, perhaps a whole series of judgements in their minds. But none of this was remarkable except for the way the young women smoked her cigarette.

She put on a performance I have never seen except in a movie or a burlesque show. She raised her elbow high and tipped her head back as she dragged on her smoke.

Then she made a huge arc with her arm, dropping it to an outstretched position as she kept her head back with here eyes closed.

In between drags she literally strutted pointing her toes as she stepped like a dancer. This show was repeated until she had sucked the last bit of life from her cigarette.

She appeared to be supremely confident, but I have to admit that I have no idea what she was thinking; perhaps she wanted to show the world that she can smoke if she wants.

I contrast her to another smoker I observed the same day, standing in a lane away from the cafĂ©’s with her body closed and her eyes cast down as if she was trying to be invisible.

So what is your style, do you stand confidently with your cigarette between your two big fingers, do you hold your smoke between your finger and thumb as if to disguise it.

Do you consciously blow the smoke into the air away from others or just smoke the way you want.

Because I observe smokers, I can say that the majority do it in a way that appears to apologise or try not to be noticed.

Of course it doesn’t matter if you smoke from the rooftops or standing on your head, it is the same for everyone.

The young women at the beach despite her eccentric performance she was still sucking toxic smoke into her lungs, her arteries, her heart, her cells and into the very mitochondria which power her energy.

She will experience the same problems any other smoker can experience. And hopefully she is spared but if the worst happens I wonder if she will still strut as she wanders the lonely corridors of the chemo ward. Or she could use advanced hypnosis to quit smoking and keep on strutting while breathing fresh air.

Quit Smoking – Does Your Religion Help You Or Hinder You?

Every smoker who wants to quit cigarettes brings their belief system with them to the hypnosis session. This includes your religious beliefs.

There are two schools of thought I have encountered.

  1. The mind is God’s domain and hypnosis is verging on an evil intrusion. However I have seen some Christian hypnosis being offered which I assume somehow bi-passes the whole evil thing.
  2. The second belief uses religious belief to help the person to quit smoking. These thoughts belong to the person and are not suggested by the practitioner unless my client raises the subject.

They see the session as a form of concentrated prayer and feel comfortable and confident with hypnosis.

The important point is that you as a smoker can use your beliefs to help you to quit and if you have strong religious beliefs you obviously have faith in a higher power so why not use your faith to help you to give up smoking.

I don’t see hypnosis as spiritual or supernatural. To me it is an elegant way of accessing that part of us which makes the real important decisions and it empowers us to make significant change without the expected stress.

An important point that is useful for everyone to remember is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and requires the full consent and co-operation of the person in the chair.

The crazy things you have seen on television that hypnosis victims do, is a load of rubbish. Anything is possible on TV. You will not do anything that is outside of the bounds of your personal moral code. So hypnosis can only relate to the thing you want to change, because that is all you have given your permission for.

So when you come in for your session you are giving permission only to help you to quit smoking and nothing more. If I asked you to hand over your keys or wallet, you would open your eyes and say no.

Beliefs are at the heart of quitting smoking. Beliefs that it will be hard to quit, or beliefs that you won’t manage your stress or boredom.

Beliefs that being a non smoker will mean losing or giving up an important part of your life.

The problem with beliefs is that we think that they are true, and then we seek more information to confirm these beliefs, such as gathering with other smokers and confirming how hard it is.

Quit Smoking – The Only Man In The Street

Recently in Brisbane we had a huge downpour of rain following a tropical cyclone in the north of the state.

On the heaviest day schools were closed and most shops as well. Late in the day during a lull in the rain I walked outside of our inner city apartment and the streets were empty of people and cars.

All except for one man, standing alone outside of an office building, as I was trying to stop my umbrella from self destructing I realised he was smoking.

It was a scene, which would have been at home in a French noir film.

The lone smoker reminded me of a current anti-smoking advertisement showing a worker by himself while his co-workers had lunch inside, then a shot of a women smoking by herself while her family sat together inside watching television.

This kind of scene is being played out all over the country every day and every night as life passes them by. An older lady told me she is the only smoker in her retirement village and she keeps to herself so that no one knows.

As a result her life has contracted so much that she feels like a hermit and is very unhappy.

Sure there are plenty of smokers who smoke with friends but a large number are solo lonely smokers, hiding from the world and trying not to be noticed.

If you are a lone smoker, have you ever stopped to wonder what you are getting from it, how much fun are you having? How satisfying is it?

So what is it about smoking that keeps you trapped? If you think you can’t quit then it’s a wrong belief, because hypnosis is extremely effective for those who are committed.

So now you know how to quit or you are not really that committed. Maybe you like the taste or the smell, perhaps you feel cool with a smoke in your hand, I hope not because you don’t.

Maybe you smoke because you are stressed; well you know that causing a boost of stress hormones to flood through your veins isn’t very relaxing.

I bet you that if you stop and be honest with yourself you won’t be able to find one singe viable reason to smoke.

So why not do yourself a huge favour and just quit, and don’t forget that hypnosis will make it so much easier than you ever imagined.

Quitting Smoking – What If Cigarettes Were Invented Today?

I imagine an inventor’s television programme where one of the contestants has invented a new thing called the cigarette.

“So what is it made from?” It’s a plant called tobacco which is dried and processed with a variety of chemicals.

“How many chemicals” After it burns about 4000 chemicals most of which are highly toxic and over 200 can enter the brain.

“Is it safe?” People like it!

“How do you use it?” It is rolled in paper with a filter on the end to make it healthy, you light it and suck the smoke into your lungs.

“What happens to the smoke?” Most of it harmlessly is breathed out.

“Most of it” – Some enters the blood stream and travels to the heart, liver kidneys, brain and every cell in the body.

“Doesn’t it make smokers sick?” Not all, most just age quickly and are short of breath, but some get lung cancer, throat cancer or emphysema.

“Is it expensive?” Not compared to buying a house most will only spend about $5000-$7000 a year.

“Does it smell OK?” Sure just like plant material and paper burning.

“Can you smoke anywhere?” Almost, except in restaurants, cafes, most businesses, near schools and in a car if you are carrying children, and public places.

“So the smoke is bad for children?” Well, only if they breathe it in, then they will probably suffer like an adult.

“Does anyone really like smoking?” Sure governments who apply heavy taxes and the retailers and manufacturers, and a few people who enjoy that burnt taste.

OK, I could keep going, it sounds like an episode of “Yes Minister” but no one in their wildest dreams could imagine such a product ever being allowed on the market, everyone involved would be immediately sued.

How do you feel when you read this, maybe you are over it but still doing it, maybe you like doing it, but are worried about the consequences, or maybe you are already suffering but are still smoking because of anxiety.

It doesn’t matter because with hypnosis all that is required is that you are fully committed to quitting and to your well being and your future.

You may think that cigarettes taste like gourmet chocolate; it doesn’t matter as long as you are 100% ready to quit.