A Chiropractor Will Give You The Pain Relief You Need Without Medication

Although medication is needed for a variety of situations, pain medication can become addictive and only masks the pain without fixing the cause. A chiropractor can perform a thorough examination on a patient, including their strength and range of motion to determine the exact location of the pain. In some situations, they may want a patient to get an MRI or X-ray of the area. A chiropractor is concerned about an individual’s overall health and diet. Various foods can cause inflammation in the body that increases pain in the muscle and tissues. They provide a holistic approach to relieving the pain and strengthening the area.

Some treatments a chiropractor can use is manual manipulation. The misalignment of the spine, neck or hips can cause an individual’s body to compensate for the damaged area. The chiropractor will gently put the vertebrae back into position to take the pressure off the nerve or disc in the back. Manual manipulation is similar to an individual cracking their knuckles and the gas is released in the joint. Decompression can gently stretch the spine and give the vertebrae an opportunity to rehydrate. If a disc is bulging it can help to move it back into place. Electro-stimulation is used to relieve pain and tension in the muscles by using a small amount of electrical current into the muscle. It can increase blood flow and help a muscle to heal.

Poor posture while working by standing all day or sitting at a desk and give an individual pain in the neck, lower back and cause them to suffer from headaches. Car accident victims often suffer whiplash from the sudden impact. A hospital will usually prescribe muscle relaxers and pain medication. This is one of the worst things an individual can do because the area will remain damaged and continue to cause pain or discomfort when they stop taking the medication. With the help of chiropractic Colorado Springs, an individual can recover from injuries and improve their mobility and strength while reducing their pain. The caring doctors and staff will be completely focused on improving an individual’s health in a caring and compassionate atmosphere.

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