Are There Screen Protectors For Fitbit Versa?

Does the Fitbit versa have Gorilla Glass?

Display and design It has a 1.4-inch screen paired with Gorilla Glass and peak brightness of over 1,000 nits.

The main benefit of an OLED screen is that the smartwatch can have an ‘always-on display’ ⁠— a feature many users had been craving.

Fitbit has finally caught up with competition in this regard..

Do I need a screen protector for my Versa 2?

When you’re browsing smartwatch accessories, don’t forget to buy a screen protector for your Fitbit Versa 2. You wouldn’t want any damage to ruin that beautiful color touchscreen, after all. You’ll be able to keep your display safe and free of scratches with any one of these reliable screen protectors.

Is there a monthly fee for fitbit versa?

It launched its Fitbit Coach alongside the original Versa in 2018 for $7.99 per month, or $39.99 per year (Fitbit says Premium subscribers will get complimentary access to Coach, which consists of workout videos and audio coaching programs, and current Coach subscribers will automatically be upgraded to Premium for no …

Is the Fitbit versa worth it?

Apple’s smartwatch beats the Versa for overall smartwatch capabilities, though. However, if you value long battery life, the Versa is the clear winner. Without a doubt, the Versa is an affordable and attractive fitness wearable. It has all the fitness tracking a Fitbit should have.

Which is better Apple watch or fitbit versa 2?

The Apple Watch is generally better at functioning as a smartwatch. While Fitbit offers many of the basic functions of a smartwatch, such as a built-in voice assistant (Amazon’s Alexa) and the ability to deliver notifications to your wrist, the Apple Watch has a much larger App Store and more polished software.

Can the Versa 2 answer calls?

Though the Versa 2 does have a microphone, you cannot place or answer calls. Non iOS users can respond to messages with their voice on Android, and all users can activate the microphone to summon Alexa.

Can you get screen protectors for fitbit versa?

IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Fitbit Versa 2 (6-Pack) Anti-Bubble Clear Film.

Does fitbit Replace cracked screen?

A class action lawsuit claims that Fitbit Charge 2 smart fitness bands are prone to developing screen fractures but Fitbit refuses to offer repairs or refunds to customers who experience the defect.

Do Fitbits scratch easily?

Do fitbit screens scratch easily? Whether you have a knack for walking into door frames or other objects, or you often drop your Fitbit when taking it on and off (both things I have personally done with my own), your Fitbit’s screen can get scratched or scuffed.

Does my Fitbit need a screen protector?

Not all Fitbit model have screens, like the Flex 2, meaning you may not need a screen protector. Plus, if you only wear your Fitbit during workouts rather than all day every day, then it may not be worth your money to protect the screen. That a decision that’s best left up to you.

What’s the best screen protector for fitbit versa?

Best Fitbit Versa 2 Screen Protectors in 2020Best Overall: IQ Shield Screen Protector.Practically invisible: Spectre Shield Screen Protector.Military-grade protection: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector.Curved coverage: CAVN Screen Protector.Value pack: Omoton Screen Protector for Fitbit Versa 2.More items…•

Does fitbit versa scratch easily?

Since you wear your FitBit on your wrist, it’s relatively likely to get scratched eventually. If those big, white scratches are getting you down, don’t despair!

What can the Versa 2 fitbit do?

Get a call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby; plus send quick replies and a voice replies on android only….Supported ApplicationWeather, Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Voice Assistant, Alexa, Phone, GPS, Heart Rate MonitorSizeOne Size (Pack of 1)3 more rows

Can you text on fitbit versa 2?

If you use an Android phone with your Fitbit Versa 2, you can respond to messages received on the watch via preset and customizable quick replies. … Currently, SMS text messages, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, and Line all allow for this quick reply functionality on Fitbit devices such as the Versa 2.