How Do I Add A Number To My Marriott Reservation?

Can I share my Marriott Mobile Key?

With Mobile Key you can also access secure guest areas of the hotel, like the fitness center, pool, lounge, and parking garage.

Can more than one person have Mobile Key for a room.

Your Mobile Key is tied to your Marriott Bonvoy member number, so we’re only able to offer one Mobile Key per room at this time..

How do I find my Marriott reservation? click ‘My Trips’ at the top of the screen [Click here to view Image] Within the ‘Look up a Reservation’ section, enter the information for your Reservation and click ‘Find’ [Click here to view Image]

Can you shorten hotel stay?

But for more ordinary hotels and times of year, as long as your arrival date remains the same as your original reservation, you may well be able to shorten your stay and at least not pay more than a 1 night penalty, or even avoid that, based on the hotel’s discretion.

How do I add a person to my Marriott reservation?

On the Marriott Website:Begin booking a Reservation normally until you reach the ‘Review Reservation Details’ screen.Scroll down to ‘Billing name and address’ and click ‘Edit’ [Click here to view Image]Type the First and Last Name of the Guest that will be Checking-In [Click here to view Image]More items…•

Can a husband and wife share a Marriott Rewards number?

First, the room must be booked under your name and member number (if you’re trying to earn points for multiple rooms, at least one of them must be registered in your name). … Jeff just needs to add his wife’s name to the reservation, and she’ll be able to check in and access the room whenever she gets there.

Can I give my Marriott Rewards to someone else?

You can transfer points to anyone’s Marriott account, as long as both accounts have been open and in good standing for 30 days (with qualifying activity) or 90 days (without qualifying activity). Each member can transfer up to 100,000 points per calendar year, and receive up to 500,000 points per calendar year.

Can you share a Marriott Rewards number?

You can request to have the accounts combined, and that puts all of your points in one place and all of your elite status credits in one place.

How do I change the name on my Marriott reservation?

If you want to change the name on the reservation, just call in (either to the Reservations line or directly to the hotel), and let them know you need to change the name on the reservation and make sure to give your Marriott Rewards Number.

How do I cancel my Fairfield Inn reservation?

How do I cancel my hotel reservation? You may call us at to cancel with a customer support representative. When calling, please have your AON number, the name the reservation was placed under, and the original credit card number billed.

When can I cancel Marriott reservation?

You will generally have to cancel your Marriott stay before 48 hours before the day you check in so that you can avoid paying the cancellation fee (which is typically the price of the first night of your stay).

Can you cancel Marriott Rewards reservation?

Marriott Rewards Free Night Change & Cancellation Policies You need to cancel an award stay a minimum of 48 hours out from your reservation to qualify for a refund of your points, and potentially longer if the property dictates a longer cancellation period.

How do I cancel a reservation on booking com?

When you book a room on, you get a confirmation email. Scroll it down till you see the green “Cancel your booking” button. Click the button and you will get to the page with the details of the booking. The cancellation window will pop-up automatically.

Can you add a name to a hotel reservation?

If you booked it online, most websites do allow name changes for hotel rooms. Some, such as hotwire, won’t allow you to change the name but you can add a guest name to the booking and the original guest must be present at the time of check-in. … You want to change Your booking profile name also by the guest name .

What reservation system does Marriott use?

Marriott International Selects Cloud-based MICROS OPERA as Its Next-Generation Property Management System for all North America Properties. MICROS Systems, Inc.