Quick Answer: How Many IHG Points Do I Need For A Free Night?

How many points do I need for a free night at Holiday Inn?

These are states and countries where the majority of Holiday Inn hotels are 25,000 point awards.

Priority Club has three tiers of hotel awards for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express with free night awards at the 10,000 points, 15,000 points, or 25,000 points level..

How much is 50000 IHG points worth?

IHG Points Value CalculatorIHG PointsCash Value25,000 PointsUS $17530,000 PointsUS $21050,000 PointsUS $35060,000 PointsUS $4203 more rows•Oct 2, 2020

What does 10000 IHG points get you?

At 10,000 points per night, you could squeeze 18 nights out of the IHG Premier Card’s 140,000-point bonus if you stay in increments of four nights. And, you could get up to 13 nights out of the IHG Traveler Card’s 100,000-point bonus.

How can I get free IHG points?

You can join for free and register with a credit or debit card. Then earn up to 5x IHG Rewards Club points per $1 just for registering your email address, and 8x points per $1 after your eleventh dining experience.

How much is 60000 IHG points worth?

Alternatively, you can use 60,000 IHG Rewards Club points to book the same night, giving you 5.47 cents per point in value.

How can I get free hotel stays?

8 Ways to Nab Free Hotel StaysHotel Loyalty Programs. The most obvious way to earn free hotel stays is to join a hotel chain’s loyalty program. … Hotel Rewards Cards. … Cash Back Cards. … Flexible Rewards Cards. … Combining Credit Cards. … Using Your Points Strategically. … Use Booking Site Points. … Work for a Hotel.

How are IHG Rewards points calculated?

If you’re an IHG Rewards Club Spire Elite member staying at a Kimpton hotel for three nights at $200 per night, you’d earn the following: $200 x 10x points x 3 nights = 6,000 points. 6,000 points x 100% bonus = 6,000 points.

How do I use my IHG points for free night?

On your card’s anniversary the free night certificate will automatically be deposited into your IHG Rewards Club account. To access it, log into your IHG Rewards Club account, and navigate to your account management page. Then on the left side you’ll see a section that reads “1 Free Night(s),” assuming you have one.

Do Holiday Inn points expire?

Club level membership points will expire after 12 months if there’s no account activity. But it’s easy to maintain your points balance. Just earn or redeem once a year through any of our IHG hotels or partners. Points do not expire for current Elite members.

What are the levels of IHG Rewards?

The Rewards Club program is divided into four levels: Club, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite and Spire Elite. You can also become an InterContinental Ambassador for an extra fee or an InterContinental Royal Ambassador by exclusive invitation.

How many IHG points do you need for a hotel room?

Using Points The number of points required for complimentary nights ranges from 10,000 to 70,000 and varies by property. IHG also offers a PointBreaks program that allows you to redeem a rewards night for as little as 5,000 points at select hotels for a limited time.

How do I keep IHG points from expiring?

To maintain the Points in your membership account, you must have at least one “earn” or “redeem” transaction posted to your account every twelve (12) months. Use of the one night per year provided to IHG Rewards Club credit card holders does not constitute an “earn” or “redeem” activity to prevent Point expiration.