Quick Answer: What Size Is M In China?

What size is M in USA?

Women’s Dress Sizes TableUS & CANUS LetterEurope10Medium4012Large4214Large4416XL/1X468 more rows.

What size is China XL in us?

Women’s clothes (Coat, T-shirt, dress, shirt, jacket, etc)StandardSizeChina160-165/84-86170-176/106-110InternationalXSXLUSA, Canada214-16Europe3444Apr 15, 2016

What size is 140cm in us?

International Conversion Chart forChildren’s ClothingUSUKEurope9 to 108-9128-134 cm109-10134-140 cm1110-11140-146 cm1411-12146-152 cm9 more rows

Is UK XL same as us XL?

Clothing size tables include plus sizes, size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, letter sizes XS, S, M, Large, X-Large, XL and XXL….Men’s T-Shirts.LettersUS & UKEuropeMedium (M)3897Large (L)40102X-Large (XL)42107X-Large (XL)441124 more rows

What is a UK 8 in US?

US SizesEuro SizesUK Sizes82478.5257.592589.5268.510 more rows

What is a US 0 in UK?

Women’s size chartUSXXS2XLUS0020UK022EU2850IT3456

What size is small in China?

Chinese Clothing Size ChartsActual Clothing Label SizeTo Fit Chest SizeSmall34 – 36 InchesMedium36 – 38 InchesLarge38 – 40 InchesX-Large40 – 42 Inches2 more rows

What size is 34 waist in China?

The easiest way to buy Chinese sizes for Americans, for example, is just to size up by 2-3 sizes….Chinese Sizes Men (Pants)Chinese SizesWaist (inches)Length (inches)4631″ – 32″41″4833″ – 34″42″5034″ – 36″43″2 more rows

What size is 150 in China?

Asian Children Shirts/Jackets Size ChartUS SizeJapan SizeWaist7-813044 cm (17.5 in)9-1014046 cm (18 in)1115048 cm (19 in)12-1416050 cm (20 in)2 more rows

Is US size 4 A small?

S means small, which translates roughly to a women’s size 4 to 6 in most brands.

What size is a 90 in China?

Kids ClothingAgeSize/HeightContrast height(cm)1Y75 cm73-801Y -2Y80 cm75-852Y-3Y90 cm85-953Y-4Y100 cm95-1055 more rows

What is a American XXL in England?

Outerwear & Tops size guideSizeUKUSL4040XL4242XXL4444XXXL46465 more rows